Skyline Homes

Built Better, Buy Skyline

Skyline's skilled builders take a focused approach to every detail when constructing your home. Since 1951, Skyline Homes has been committed to building the very best factory-built homes at the very best prices and they continue to provide their personal best to make home buyers live out the American dream.


The Skyline Ramada line of homes is economically priced and comes standard with some contemporary amenities. There are eight single-wide plans ranging from 492 to 868 square feet and nine double-wide plans from 822 to 1512 square feet. Ramada houses come in many room configurations and have vaulted ceilings throughout.

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West Ridge

The moderately priced West Ridge line of homes has double-wide plans ranging in size from 960 to 2,223 square feet and five triple-wide plans from 1,800 to 2,444 square feet. All West Ridge houses boast a spacious airy feel with vaulted ceilings throughout.

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